Built To Thrive In A

Changing World Order

As we stand on the cusp of a historic turn, we are witnesses to a tectonic shift restructuring the foundation of the world as we know it. A new global reality is taking shape, spearheaded by the Global East and the Global South, with China as a major force, unfolding a new chapter in human history.

Investment success in this complex and changing world requires an independent mind that reasons from first principles and skilful hands that can deliver grounded solutions. We at VS Partners combine award-winning, through-cycle global buy-side expertise with FORTUNE 500 business acumen. We therefore have a unique in-house edge to unlock hidden investment opportunities in the real-world that are under-appreciated and under-expressed, but that are nonetheless critical for preserving wealth to enable coming generations to thrive.


Our Purpose

Investing For The

Betterment Of The World

Investment brings people together by breaking down barriers and building respect and understanding between cultures.

As we enter this unscripted era, we need global collaboration and inclusive participation now more than ever. Our goal is to build bridges between different peoples and cultures, so that the rich dimensions of knowledge gained from these diverse voices and underappreciated sources of understanding are given the weight they deserve in our common pursuit of development and prosperity.

Our Mission

Serving Generational Wealth


Global Aspirations

We work hand in hand with purpose-led asset owners and wealth creators –

private-sector enterprises, endowments, foundations, HWNWI, Family Offices - to build multi-asset portfolios that reflect their own global mindset.

Our mission

is to help our clients use fact-based, outcome-driven, risk-disciplined solutions across asset classes and geographies to achieve through-cycle, long-term wealth preservation and growth.

Who We Are - The Home of Cultural Hybrids

Humility that

Transcends Bias

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple”

- Oscar Wilde

Our varied professional experiences and multicultural backgrounds allow us to cut through the noise, with a clear analysis of geopolitical challenges and cultural biases. We strive to form a levelheaded view of the world, identifying the powerful trends that bind us ahead of time, and collaborate to capture vast opportunities ahead of us.

We believe that

all people are interdependent.

Even within our firm, we are interdependent - there is a complementarity in our skillsets so that we each make a different, yet vital, contribution. Our partners come from different industries, from different civilizations and cultural backgrounds, from different ethnicities. It brings in a deeply rooted appreciation of diversity that makes us humble and open-minded when we engage with the world, and allow us to think deeply about the rich dimensions of reality. That’s our secret sauce.”

- Vanessa Xu, CIO

Our Differentiation


The East, The West And The Rest

These unprecedented times call for non-conventional thinking and an innovative approach in global asset allocation.

We at VS Partners are set up to address inadequacies in the asset allocation approaches used up till now. We relentlessly seek truth, ask the hardest but most relevant questions of our time, and build rigorous solutions by applying western institutional toolboxes to our deep China knowledge and experience. We help global wealth owners to decipher and thoughtfully invest in China-driven opportunities, and help Chinese investors to go global.




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By Example

Through published papers, seminars and media appearances, our senior leadership team are consistently

rated among the top thought leaders in their industries.

Senior Leadership

Shane S. Tedjarati
Vanessa Xu
Executive Chairman, Chief Investment Officer
Sam Sun
Board Director , VSP Managed Global Allocation Platform

Management Team

Julien Liu
Global Manager Research
Kingswood Poon
CIO Office, Operations & Compliance
Franco Chan
Investment Operations
Tony Wang
Head of Business Development



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