VS Partners Executive Chairman and CIO named Fortune China 2022 Most Powerful Women in Business (Ones to Watch)

Nov-02,2022 | 维世

As a testament to her leadership and influence, Vanessa Xu, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of VS Partners, has been named Fortune China 2022 Most Powerful Women in Business (Ones to Watch) on its latest list released on November 1, 2022.

“In this era of de-globalization, many of the honorees are connecting this increasingly fragmented world using business as a common language. We’d like to dedicate this list to applauding the female leaders in business who are bridging the world. “

——Fortune editors

Fortune China's Most Powerful Women in Business list began in 2010 and has since featured nearly every significant female leader in China's business landscape. The list of Ones to Watch features China's emerging female leaders, including entrepreneurs, professional managers, rising industry stars and opinion leaders.

Founded in 2019 by ex-Global Fortune500 leaders in technology and finance, internet entrepreneurs and veterans, and emerging market fund managers, VS Partners is a values-based global asset allocator that strives to Invest for the Betterment of the World. The firm aims to bridge Eastern and Western leaders from business, capital and social innovation to build lasting people-to-people connections through responsible investments.

VS Partners upholds multi-cultural mindset that objectively understands the world in a holistic, equal worldview to inform its investment strategy. As the global geopolitical, socioeconomical and financial orders are foundationally changing, VS Partners pioneers institutional global allocation with Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) model in China. The firm is by design to address the inadequacy in both conventional western and Chinese asset management model to provide bespoke asset allocation solutions based on risk analysis of global capital market to corporate, high-net worth and institutional clients, with differentiated capabilities to implement multi-asset investments, both onshore and offshore, in an integrated global portfolio.

Honoring Vanessa on this list is also the recognition of VS Partners as a bridge to connect the East, West, and the rest through investment. VS Partners will continue to uphold its core values and promote the exchange of investment insights on a global scale. 

Fortune China 2022 Most Powerful Women in Business (Ones to Watch) List :